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Tim Titus, Founder and CTO of PathSolutions, was a SecOps presenter at Security Field Day 3 on May 14, 2020, attending to discuss network security strategies with the security panelists  and to demonstrate our new product, TotalView Security Operations Manager, our SOAR solution for SecOps orchestration, automation and response.  Watch the recorded videos from our sessions below:


PathSolutions Discusses Network Security Awareness

length: 23:30

In this presentation, learn about the problems with visibility and SOAR software as well as how PathSolutions TotalView optimizes SOAR and SecOps teams to keep your network secure from threats:


PathSolutions Product Demo: TotalView Security Operations Manager

length: 32:45

In this presentation, Tim Titus reviews PathSolutions TotalView SecOps Manager and demonstrates the capabilities of the product as it relates to networking and security professionals in the small and medium enterprise market:


TotalView is designed to give you complete security awareness of your environment, and to dramatically speed up SIEM event response research and response.The features covered in this session were:

  • Event Response Optimization
  • Geographic Risk Management
  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Detection
  • Rogue IT Device Detection
  • New Device Detection
  • Exposure Reporting
  • Communications Policy Monitoring
  • Pivot Detection
  • Suspicious Communications Detection
  • Attack Surface Vulnerability Detection

You can also interact with the panelists from the event and read all their event comments at: Twitter hashtag #XFD3 

More information about this event, and all the Pathsolutions Technical Field Day videos are located here:

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Here are some of the panelists' comments about PathSolutions at Security Field Day 3:

"Manual digging needs to go away in #Networking - #automation to collect #intelligence, analysis it, and tell you what's working and what's broken" - starting out right in the @goPathSolutions kick off at #XFD3."

Zoë Rose

Cybersecurity Analyst
BH Consulting

"Since the tool KNOWS about many of the devices on your network, what they’re running and maintains updated pulls of new CVEs, equally at a glance you’ll be able to see HOW MANY of your devices happen to have a “Critical”, “High” and so forth vulnerabilities. "

Christopher Kusek

Chief Technology Officer
Remedy8 Security

"Love the Chordview of flows in @goPathSolutions in #XFD3 GeoIP accurate is key for any analysis environment. 24hr is a nice update frequency."

Pieter-Jan Nefkens

Cisco Champion on Security
Nefkens Advies

"What is really running at your envirment ? To build up a baseline is so important . This is how @goPathSolutions is doing it #XFD3"

Dominik Pickhardt

Network Engineer
ITDZ Berlin