Mobility Field Day 6

mobility_field_day_vert-300x300PathSolutions will be presenting at this event:

Mobility Field Day covers wireless and client networking and device management, by bringing together thought leaders to discuss the pressing issues and technology advancements with key companies.

Title:   Mobility Field Day 6
Date:   Wednesday, July 14th, 2021
Time:   2:30-3:30 pm, Pacific Standard  Time
Location:  icon-video-eye-58px Online and live streaming from  

Hosted by: Gestalt IT

"Our events are designed to be broad enough to attract a variety of companies but focused enough to deliver real engagement with our technical audience."

PathSolutions will be one of the presenters. Come watch the presentation and follow along as the technical panelists gather via Zoom to discuss network-related topics, and to evaluate TotalView's approach to  wireless client networking and device management. 


photo-NFD20-hashtag-event-turtleWhat PathSolutions' Session will Cover:

Tim Titus, CTO and founder of PathSolutions, will be meeting the panelists to discuss wireless and client networking and device management, and will be presenting RemoteView, a way of troubleshooting remote and work-from home users.

You can also interact with the panelists from the event and read all their event comments at: Twitter hashtag #MFD6 

All PathSolutions Technical Field Day videos are located here:


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Here are some of the panelists' comments about PathSolutions after previous Tech Field Days:

"@goPathSolutions demonstration of end-to-end real-time path tracing. Supports from origin laptop/mobile though the network. Great use-case that even monitors WiFi/SSID."

Jeremy Schulman

Network Automaniac

"You might describe TotalView as broad with occasional depth, representing a selected (curated!) set of high-priority management capabilities. To get a feel for that, the product features page is impressive!"

Pete Welcher

Network Architect

"I like the focus on creating an affordable, easy-to-use system that aids medium-sized organizations with limited network staff. "

Terry Slattery

Principal Architect
No Jitter & NetCraftsmen