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Send Me a Network Magnet Set

We love our network magnet set, and it looks like you do too!

The magnet set was designed to be fun and functional—not an easy task. But we wanted you to use them when you’re trying to figure out what’s going on with your networks, and since that process can be daunting, why not make the experience fun?

We used to feature Timmy the Turtle (he’s on Tee Shirts, our website pages, as well as many promo items) as part of this set, but we had to let him go (to add another network icon). Never fear, Timmy the Turtle and all the other icons are also available in digital format.

To get the set, just fill out the following form. Keep in mind that we mail the sets out on a monthly basis, so it may take up to four weeks before you receive it.

Get a Network Magnet Set

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