Enterprise Connect Orlando 2019PathSolutions at Enterprise Connect 2019 in Booth #1437

March 18-21, 2019
Gaylord Palms, Orlando, FL

Enterprise communications and collaboration professionals face daunting new challenges from all sides: Emerging technologies like the Cloud, Team Collaboration and Artificial Intelligence promise to disrupt the environment, while end users and customers continue to demand new tools and media. And even as you keep pace with all these changes, you still must meet the responsibilities of today—implementing, integrating, and managing modern business-critical communications systems

VoIP troubleshooting is hard. TotalView makes it easy.

PathSolutions TotalView® software identifies the root-causes of call quality problems, telling you exactly when, where, and why packet loss occurs in plain-English. Problems get solved the first time they occur. TotalView’s Call Simulator tool allows for unlimited packet loss tests.

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logo-infocision1InfoCision is a leading provider of contact center solutions that depends on the quality and reliability of every call.

“We operate 35 call centers in 13 locations across Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Canada. Our VoIP network is large and growing as our company continues to expand. The performance of our network is a critical component to our success and to our commitment to quality. That is why we selected PathSolutions VoIP Monitor (now TotalView for VoIP Networks) to manage and monitor our network,” said Nastase.


Certified Languages International (CLI)
logo-certifiedlanguageintCertified Languages International (CLI) connects people who speak different languages all day, around the clock with premier live translators. 

“TotalView is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting. If we’re seeing MOS (Mean Opinion Scores) start to fall on a network segment, we can deploy the call simulation client and see exactly what the network sees to the point to where we’re seeing issues. This gives us a snapshot along the way so we can track down exactly where we see the issue.” — Jim Barber, Telecom/Network Systems Manager



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